What you can do with Group Invite Manager

Send Bulk Reminders

Send Bulk Messages

Managing your Facebook group invites could be very tasking, imaging having to click the same button to send a reminder or a message to each one of your group invites about a hundred times 😕. 

Group Invite Manager takes that task out of your hands, with the click of a button it does that for you. Group Invite Manager is a Google Chrome Extension designed to automate the process of sending messages and reminders to your Facebook group invites

How to use Group Invite Manager 

To send reminder 

1. Go over to your group, go to more and click on members.

To send message

1.Go over to your Group Invite Manager extension.
2. You will see a purple button beside the menu bar at the top labeled 'Send reminder'.
2. Create several message templates and adjust your randomization settings. 
3. Click the button and watch how Group Invite Manager automatically send reminders to everyone of your Facebook Group Invites. 
3. Click 'Send message' and watch as Group Invite Manager sends messages to all your Group invites.

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